empty order 36

I own one or two, maybe even three analogue cameras. I don’t really know, because every now and then one is broken and I found a new one on the street. On trips, longer walks and journeys I sometimes remember to take the camera with me. I don’t take many pictures with it (compared to my compact digital camera, which I always carry with me and affectionately call „Knipse“). I fill the analogue films rather sporadically, maybe one film with 36 pictures in one year. The other day, but that was already a year ago, I took a full film to the drugstore for developing. When I pick up the developed pictures I still wonder about the low price, something between two and three Euros (I forgot how much such a film would normally cost, but definitely a little more). I usually don’t look into the pictures in the shop, because I want to save the big surprise of what I photographed last year for a quieter moment. I don’t even remember what I have taken pictures of. When I arrive at home I finally look in and see that there is only this one picture (picture below) in it. A note “Empty order 36 FID: 769004“, the film was not exposed, shit.

piece of photographic paper, white with red text, Empty order 36 FID: 769004

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