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scribble lines on paper


jammed laser print, smeary toner

laser jam, 20200628

traced vector noise of zoomed bitmap mobile phone picture


Automatenspiele in den Zastermangelstuben, trace line drawing, carbon copy


line drawing carbon copy of a vintage newspaper headline


broken fence grid

broken round concrete wall


broken house


Shortage The Riots expected, black printed copy on yellow paper

Shortage, 20200605

scanned mobile phone contacts

scanned mobile phone textile pattern

scanned mobile phone book index city

scanned mobile phone door detail


line drawing

node drawing

line drawing

20200523 / 20200524 / 20200524

an archeological expedition souvenir photo, worker and white guy changed position

sous venir, 20200518

non non non

non non non, 20200515


Klumpen, 20200510

many rubber bands

screaming dog face

construction forms

20200508 / 20200508 / 20200508

notebook covers

NOT(e) a compostition, 20200429

subpixel pyramids rendered in monochrome black


blank canvas on construction site behind a fence

intertwined forms

glitched tv broadcast interview scenario

20200413 / 20200412 / 20200410

orange, pink and green cardboard, stamped structure

Suprastruktur, 20200328

glitch and bushes

Gebüsch, 20200302

noisy bezier anchors and text overload void

Overload Void, 20200215

detail of chinese cloth from 17th century

kaleidoscope effect on dithered wire-netting fence

an endless tunnel

composition of folded cloth

20200222 / 20200129 / 20200207 / 20200205

wave drawing of an audio sample

wave drawing of an audio sample

wave drawing of an audio sample

samples, 20200114