Täglicher Bedarf,

Besoins Quotidiens (…)

Pay with all your currency. Secrets of nature. Conversation Notes. One day of daily needs, drawn with wooden stick lines and melting lichen shapes.

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  • opening page. Fallen real estate posters become public sculptures. Motto text “Pay with all your […]” and then a list of various currency symbols from all over the world.
  • many thin pieces of wood lie on top of each other. Drawing.
  • pieces of wood and a weird sculpture melting form
  • more piles of wood
  • secrets of nature, a stone structure overgrown with lichen
  • wooden sticks sticks sticks
  • one person flies down.
  • a memo conversation note template with screenshot of some live stream internet chat
  • the blue cover is sprinkled with pink spray paint and shows some melting forms and the title in different languages “Täglicher Bedarf, Besoins Quotidiens, Daily Needs, etc.”

Täglicher Bedarf, Besoins Quotidiens (…)
fragment scenario, 2023, 12 pages, 12.5 × 20 cm, black laser print, open edition

$ This book cannot be found at your local shop right now 😞

↓  Download PDF (via archive.org)

📖 logbook (backyard)