Cyber Ruins

Part 3: Adjective + Noun

In late December 2020 i came across a strange website on the web, half broken, half working—Under-Construction-gifs all over the site. An astonishing cyber ruin. Inspired by this I started to construct my own visual cyber ruins, which form part 1 and part 2* of this project. Part 3: Adjective + Noun presents the research part of the project in form of various screenshots.

Cyber Ruins (3) Adjective + Noun
2021, 40 pages, 9 × 14 cm, laser print, open edition

screen video of a website around 2003 with broken image icons flying around

another example, broken images but working javascript animation

* it would be easy to just hyperlink the pages now, no? I think it’s more fun to send you there with a vague guidance and the true cyber ruins mood (looking for something, not sure what exactly): Part 1 and 2 of the ruins research can be found somewhere in the backyard of this website (just follow the pixel cat).