three thin clumps, detail



KLUMPEN I–XII, carbon trace drill drawing, 17,5 × 28 cm

f.y.i. d.i.y.

sketchbook pages with drilling traces made with a star shaped screw driver drilling machine. different strokes labelled »torx 40, torx 30, torx 20, torx 10«. Colours are bit washed out because the paper is too thin to hold fixation of the carbon really well…

I wanted to use a drilling machine for drawing purposes the other day. That’s what d.i.y. is all about, no? Drilling machines? First i tried out different sizes of a star screw drive to find out a well balanced stroke width. They all looked the same… well, the choice is then size 10.

drilling machine, carbon trace paper and some fine munken paper 250gsm i found in the cellar

It’s difficult to control the drill on carbon paper, a bit like a wild typewriter out of control.

three thin clumps, pencil drawing on paper

As you cannot see through the black carbon paper, it’s good to have a template for tracing. I did a small series of these Klumpen pencil drawings some time ago and copied them to a larger format for tracing on A4. Line accidents will still happen while ploughing over the paper with the drill. Therefore, the template drawing is rather a rough guideline of how the machine is moved.

used carbon trace paper shows marks of the drilling

You can do several copies with one sheet of carbon paper, but at some point it gets rubbed off too much and drawings become lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter…

Printed Copy, Book

small book, white cover with carbon drilled tracing title

Martin Schotten, Freiburg i. Br.: 2020, 16 pages, 12.5 × 20 cm, offset 4c, carbon trace drill cover
Download PDF (from archive.org)

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