black and white photography of a frozen puddle on the ground.

frozen puddles

In winter 2021/2022 I strolled a lot on paths with potholes near the bog. Puddles have formed in the holes, frozen to crystalline beauty. Quickly shot sixteen photos in the ice wind to make a little winter zine/book. However, the pictures were not developed until summer and it has become a folded poster after all. You can print your own version, or ask me, still might have some in stock.

Printed Copy, folded poster

printed posters on the floor. Pictures of frozen puddles are arranged in the layout. There is no text except for the title.

frozen puddles
2022, 4 pages, 13 × 21 cm, digital print,
Download PDF (from, print on DIN A3 paper size)
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black and white photo of a winter bog landscape