meandering around meander valley

Water meanders from the source down the valley. I meander around as well and capture glitched landscapes in this book. Sometimes people appear and do things. They don’t want to understand their connection to nature. On the slippery slope, the vegetation withers. Don’t wait for me. The water didn’t reach the valley. Public fountains stay dry. The meandering direction is always downwards.

Prepare to dive with me in the meanders of a curve-bent geography.

  • opening page with a curve-bended youtube screenshot. the subtitle reads: même de liège préparez-vous à plonger avec moi dans les méandres de
  • two curve-bended glitched landscape images in color
  • persons digging a giant hole
  • mirror bended windows drawing
  • persons without heads standing nearby a wild fire (drawing). rainbow in the sky like shattered glass
  • schematic drawing of a meander valley with german descriptive text and a dark green swamp image next to it
  • persons with strange geometric heads waiting for the train and reading the newspaper. Sun reflecting on a water surface.
  • color gradient with black smeared meandered drawing on top. Line drawing of a couch.
  • abstract laser print copy image scanned inside water. stuff has been added to the water during the scan, it looks dirty. Line drawing with smeared blue color.
  • two photographic pictures of a dry public fountain scanned inside water. Line drawing of the fountains.
  • The previous image but glitched in purple rosé color and printed full size.
  • grayscale image of two liquid pixel glitch forms meandering around
  • Drawing of a gray heron sitting on a black thing. Melting evening sky meandering down to earth.
  • Scanned packaging with rotation arrow icons of an image editing software. Line drawing of a bush.
  • Glitched concrete arrow on a palette pointing down to the imprint text printed on the left page.
  • The back cover shows the other side of the meandering typewriter drawing with the text (meander valley) and a fragment scenario logo.
  • White cover with typewriter ascii art drawing and title “Mäandertal” handwritten in green colored medieval typeface (drawn by the artist Del)

MÄANDERTAL (meandering around meander valley)
Martin Schotten, 2021, 32 pages, 12.5 × 20 cm, 4c digital print, open edition

✎ cover page calligraphy by Del (thank you!)

$ This book can be found at Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam

↓ Download PDF (archive.org)

📖 logbook (backyard)