(backyard scenario)

“In one room. Foldaway bed. Books. Work. Eat. How to Know if your Book is Worth Publishing. Somewhen between tadpole and frog under water. Das lange s [ſ] wurde in französischen Texten fast schlagartig mit der Revolution unüblich. New spaces of struggle have been opened. Le transport du menhir sur la rampe. L’erection du menhir. Urbanisme Nouveau. For centuries annual procession and sic egg-[***]—up to date information please register for—I’ll go there and see it. Search Results. Too many sites to plot them all on the map. Please use one of the filters above, or click Next Marches at the bottom of the page to see more. Principe de laminage. Reforme des R[***] Grève G[***] ici 11h30 Barbecue 14h30 Manif—Tous [***].”

Full text from the publication

 click the pages to scroll through the book 

  • opened zine, the first two pages show pictures of a solar panel and a concrete wall with flowers and mirrors and a metal sculpture on the left page. recto page shows 9 *-glyphs and a picture of a tadpole under water.
  • the following two pages show on the left page a lilac green drawing of a broken factory window and black vector drawing of an explosion or flames.
  • the unfolded zine opens up a panorama vector drawing about a new urbanism, strikes and revolution
  • folded poster is a zine in postcard format. green cover with a black smeared laptop drawing and purple glitch.

fragment scenario, 2023, folded poster, 30 × 42 cm, 4c digital print, first edition: 50

★ This poster cannot be purchased at your local shop, you can take them for free

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📖 zoning plan (backyard)