Spätzles Press
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Spätzles Press

a noodle hand press, used in southern germany and alpine regions to make Spätzle

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The Spätzles Press is a great tool for making fresh noodles and an edition of printed copies at irregular intervals. Each issue is edited by another junk mail author (collected from the junk mail box).

publication catalogue

pink book cover showing a vintage book advertising illustration, a hand giving a book

Spätzles Press No. 202005, 12 pages, 5.5 × 8.5 cm, laser print
Download PDF (from archive.org)

page by page animation, collection of vintage book advertising illustrations promoting free books

purple book cover with fluo orange acryl title

Jeff, we have different masks too, Spätzles Press No. 202004, 20 pages, 12.5 × 20 cm, laser print, acryl
Download PDF (from archive.org)

page by page animation

light blue book cover with a scraped graphic

Invert Scrape
Allan Shelly, Business Development Executive, Spätzles Press No. 20200207, 16 pages, 12.5 × 20 cm, laser print,
Download PDF (from archive.org)

black monochrome folded poster zine

Leisure Pressure
Natascha Magnus, Direktion West, Spätzles Press No. 20190909, 4 pages + poster, 13 × 21 cm, offset 1c
Download PDF (from archive.org)

Morgen ist es wieder soweit: Lohnarbeit!

yellow book cover

Spätzles Press No. 20190409, 16 pages, 9 × 14 cm, laser print
Download PDF (from archive.org)

page by page animation


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