If all had voted against, the vote would have been negative.

Hätten alle dagegen gestimmt, wäre das Votum negativ gewesen.

A small book about votes, polls and surveys, tourist wildlife, digital couch life, flying money, stuck ships, earthquakes, shrugs and other fillth

  • opening page. screenshot of a poll result: please vote. 52% for it. 48% against it. 32 people voted. The poll is closed.
  • more poll results. have you ever stolen a book? 59% yes, 34% never, 7% i always read the results. 29 people voted. Second poll: coffee or tea? 0% coffee, 0% tea, 100% both. 1 person voted. Third poll is a collaborative color mixing poll: 30% Cyan, 41% Magenta, 16% Yellow, 13% Black. 61 people voted. The resulting color is a light purple.
  • the poll question are two emoji magnifiers. 64% Zoom in, 18% Zoom out, 18% 100%.”
  • spread page print of the bottom side of some 3d wordart gif animation text.
  • 2 collages of a white guy in special outdoor equipment in an annoyed nature environment. Title: Catalogue People in the wild. Please go back where you came from.
  • left page torn poster on the streets, you can still recognize the illustration of some persons. right page a missing note paper on the streets, that has become all wet in rain. the print is dripping away, you can read the date Feb 14th 2021 and the words ran away.
  • spread page print of of some 3d wordart gif animation text. It’s turned upside down.
  • spread page collage drawing with smeary glitch lines, the outline drawing of a couch and a packaging of some early 2000s ethernet network adapter card packaging
  • spread page print of a glitch collage drawing
  • left page: illustration of a robot hand reaching a human hand. right page: clipart illustration of 3 bundles of money with wings flying through an open window. the word Hello is written on top of it, poorly handwritten with a laptop nipple mouse.
  • spread page print of of the 3d wordart gif animation text. This time you can read, it says: Navigation
  • illustration, collage and drawing of a living room artist studio scenario, where kasimir malewitch’s self portrait is shown. the one with the weird hand gesture. he has a pixelized face. there are coloring icons from some image editing software and a very old illustration from a worker hanging prints for drying. he’s holdig a stick with the paper to a latter above him and the other hand makes the same weird gesture as malevich is doin.
  • ascii art illustration of the ascii shrug emoji. the emoji has been processed through several other image-to-ascii-art generators. the result is pure chaos. also there’s a screenshot of the shrug emoji inside the classic windows 95 screensaver maze
  • left page: pixel collage with a coloring bucket from some image editing software, i think it was gimp? the word FILLth is a really bad pun. right page: a monobloc chair is left alone on some backyard graffiti wall scenario. the graffitis have been pixelized, guess they were too filthy ha
  • earlier this year, there has been a huge container ship stuck inside the suez canal. a screenshot of it’s stuck location in the canal is printed on the left page. right page: a screenshot of the geofon potsdam earthquake warning system. showing some earthquake happening somewhere on the sea.
  • spread page print of some 3d wordart gif animation text. Navigation. This time it’s glitched.
  • last page. Screenshot from the archive.org wayback machine: Hrm. The Wayback machine has not archived that URL. below is some cheap online graphic that says CLICK HERE and a frame with some classic early-web gif background image.
  • back cover. the back cover shows the same glitch background and black lump from the front. additionally there’s a screenshot from some online service warning message, that says CAUTION. Artwork Needs Attention.
  • the book cover is printed on a brown gray recycling paper and shows the title as original screenshot from a german local newspaper. There is a large black lump on the left side with the English translation of the title aligned to its path. In the background a tattered glitched graphic

If all had voted against, the vote would have been negative. (Hätten alle dagegen gestimmt, wäre das Votum negative gewesen.)
2021, 32 pages, 12.5 × 20 cm, laser print, open edition