The year is 2023. heron in the dark, lurking/walking

happy twentythree everyone!



It’s cold nearby the bog. Read frozen puddles



purple cyan green cover artwork, made from stills sampled from the movie Downtown 81 featuring Jean Michel Basquiat. The image shows the artist running down the street with a large painting in his one hand. Glitches appear, as well as a writing hand doing some graffiti work. The letter R is sprayed on the image.

cover artwork for 徒 𝖘𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖔 セット – Vincent Van Basquiat



cash register receipt flyer staped to torn remnant page showing a car wreck

Upcoming collaborative exhibition at Filiale Exorbit, “Restmengen und Engpässe”. Reopening at the garden—May 14th. Relocation to a studio space—May 15th/21st. See you around.



a poem in 4 (postcard) parts by Jared Demick reached me, while staring at the river.



21 like the Cyber Cave Internet Cafe, 2 were here.



colorful photo of a lost cat flyer on the street. Colors are washed out by the rain and the image has been duplicated and edited to appear very trippy

happy twentytwo everyone!



book cover

Prepare to dive with me in the meanders of a curve-bent geography. Read MÄANDERTAL (meandering around meander valley)



trying out tumblr for the first time. it’s really old and weird.


scan image. illustration from a wikipedia page about meander valleys. shows a drawing of a schematic valley with a river curve, german description text. glitch distorted wavy image

meandering around this water scanner



You are cordially invited to revisit this website at any time.

a remote show



Digital release artwork. Distorted purple seashells on top of a grayscale collage by nervousdata.

cover artwork for nervousdata – Shells and Slides



black typewriter drawing on paper. A wavy rug form with different zigzag patterns.

typewriting stuff again



book cover

from a field research on polls, tourist wildlife, digital couch life and flying money, read If all had voted against, the vote would have been negative.


✂ ➿ 📖

a softcover notebook with white cover and pink paper on the inside

learn How to bind your own notebook



504 Gateway Time-Out

from a field research on cyber ruins, read Cyber Ruins (Part 3: Adjective+Noun)



postcards with monochrome black offset print of a traced generative livecoding drawing

some new postcards arrived! A carbon trace drawing of a live coding pixeljam session, together with jine from nervousdata.



backlit carbon paper with traces of drawing, in front of a laptop display

happy twentyone everyone!



some glitch animation

read Sourced Out On Demand



fragmentscenario.com is now part of webring.xxiivv :)



Website relaunch 🙂


pink stickers with classic internet guestbook entry form

New stickers arrived. 🐙